A downloadable pixel art generator for Windows

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Pixels in Space!

Create your very own fleets of pixel starships! Select and save your favourites.

Made for #Procjam 2016.

Email: pixelshipgenerator@gmail.com (no guarantee it will be checked regularly)

Updated 17 days ago
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Tags1-bit, 2D, artgame, Generator, Minimalist, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, PROCJAM, Sci-fi, Sprites
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Very curious about one tiny modification.

Would it be possible to generate all these pixel ships, but having all the cells connected to each other directly?

I'm curious if this can be modified in your source.

Would like to collaborate on this with you, willing to pay $ for your time. I need this generator for an upcoming game, and I need to implement that modification.

You are more than welcome to use it for anything you like. The source is included in the download. I haven't looked at it for a long time, but it would be very doable to modify in that way I think. I provided an email on the game page if you have any further questions.

Thanks for that, will def email you on some details!

is there a way to screen shot these like you did in the game file folders or no

could i use these for a project that i am doing im plannning on making a game and would like to use the generations designs to fill it up would that be okay with you?

Absolutely :)

I'd love if if there was other parameters here to tweak such as things like the cell size the resolution, number of rooms to generate, etc. I'd love to be able to make really big ones or really complex ones. 

This is very inspiring :) hope to do this with voxels!

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somehow I have a hard time of recognizing the spaceship's front, back and top view.

but I am still happy with the generator


Yeah, it relies more on imagination to fill in the blanks and just generating a ton of times and finding a few that stand out. Some people see pixel based guns and things too. I usually conceptualize them as side on views of space ships. Glad you like it.

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So cool!

This is simply awesome!! Congratulations, bro!!
Is there anyway I can edit the name it saves? Beside renaming the files after, of course haha
It skipped a few hundred ships in name (I probably didn't save them, but I'm not sure it was that)... I'd change myself, but I don't even know which files to look after... But if I find out, I'll post a reply here on how I did it :)

too inspirative, will turn into a game for sure.

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I use it to generate levels for my game.

great work by the way


Thanks! Oh cool, that is an awesome use for it. Glad you enjoyed.


the only thing I see is : level deign generator